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    Coronavirus belong to a class of viruses that are in charge of several known diseases like SARS, MERS and also currently this new pressure of COVID-19 is creating a respiratory system condition, earlier not identified as well as recognized to have infected human beings. One of the most typical signs and symptoms of COVID infection include coughing,
    fever, uncommon performance of the respiratory system, causing difficulty in breathing, it may additionally result in pneumonia, kidney failure as well as even death in serious instances. Putting on a mask is a good idea to every person whenever they are heading out or if they are being available in direct contact with someone contaminated or thought of being contaminated. However likewise, it is not imperatively needed to use a mask whatsoever times, however use it when in the vicinity of contaminated ones. Cover your mouth as well as nose while sneezing to stop the droplets of infection from getting transmitted from a single person to one more as this infection spreads out via air beads. Additionally, do make sure that other individuals additionally follow the same protocol, while sneezing as well as better still, stay away from individuals believed of being infected. Avoid public events as this might cause your involvement with individuals of all kind that might be infected with the virus and might transmit it to you. Do not welcome people by trembling hands as they could be transmitting the virus to you.