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    Zambrut Journal Science, a process that works with the scientific method, has greatly improved human views. One of those successes is the correction of spontaneous generation theory that has existed since the Middle Ages. This theory assumes that living things come from non-living things. For example, frogs emerge from mud, insects from food scraps, dirty cloths sprinkled with wheat can give rise to mice, and grubs come from meat. After working hard through a long study, Louis Pasteur, a famous French scientist, announced his conclusion which invalidated the theory of spontaneous generation and Charles Robert Darwin’s theory of evolution.
    Pasteur revealed the following: “Can matter form itself? Not! Until now there were no factors by which people could prove the existence of microscopic living things that could live on earth without a parent like before. “The discoveries in the field of science improve technology. Meanwhile, technological advancements support the achievement of research.
    Replicative. This means that a study that has been carried out must be tested again by another researcher and must provide the same results when done with the same methods, criteria and conditions. To be replicative, the preparation of operational definitions of variables is an important step for a researcher.